Shanghai: Peugeot SXC Crossover Concept 2011

Peugeot SXC Crossover ConceptSXC Peugeot Concept
At the Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (April 21 to 28), will debut world premiere of Peugeot SXC (acronym for Cross Concept Shanghai), an innovative filter created by the Peugeot Style Centre in Shanghai to conquer the Chinese market increasingly attractive. The basic idea that led to the formulation of this concept is to combine the qualities of leadership of a crossover (raise the seat and ample space on board) with the elegance of a saloon filled with the coating segment Premium car. Aesthetically, the French extreme stylistic crossover concept debuted at the latest models of the Lion: the elusive and aerodynamic front shows a large rectangular grille between the headlights that stretch thin the front wheel arches, while that below, embedded in sides of the bumper, there are two slots that provide grains to view.
Peugeot SXC Crossover Concept
Page - instead of tapered - are dominated by large alloy wheels 22 inches, while the tail is characterized by a sloping rear window and headlights very original boomerang shape. Here are two other places instead, almost identical to those found on the front bumper. The availability of the cabin is secured by four doors, two rear, which opens in the wind.
Peugeot SXC Crossover Concept
Peugeot SXC Crossover Concept
Inside you are in a "world" to put it slightly futuristic instrumentation panel and cockpit, like a spaceship of a car. Despite the large size of the car, which measures 4.87 meters long, 2.03 wide and 1.60 height 1610 mm, the interior is designed to accommodate four people (the host on a separate place individual) , which can take a pronounced brightness, thanks to the presence of a large panoramic glass roof divided into two parts.

As for the mechanical concept SXC is based on the latest technologies used by Casa del Leone, represented by the hybrid scheme called HYbrid4 and used on the recent Peugeot 3008th engine turbo 1.6-liter which can be from 218 hp and 300 Nm of couple was accompanied by a 95 hp electric motor, located on the rear wheels to get 313 horsepower and four-wheel drive., with the average consumption of 5.8 l / 100 km reported air pollutants and emissions of 143 g / km of CO2.

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