2012 New Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept

2012 New Volkswagen Cross
Volkswagen Cross Coupe is taking a two-pronged strategy to saving petrol with the Corner Vehicle idea debuting at the Geneva Powerplant Present. First, the lightweight cross-over uses a plug-in multiple system with two electrical applications. Second, it contains one of Volkswagen’s next-generation turbodiesel applications.

The Corner Vehicle is not exactly new; it was formerly shown at the Seattle Powerplant Present last fall, at the same time with a energy website and a little bit smaller all-electric driving varies. As opposed to Seattle edition, this Geneva-bound Corner Vehicle idea also reveals more of Volkswagen’s new MQB (Modular Transversus Matrix) case technology. The outside of the Corner Vehicle constantly demonstrate a unique five-door appearance, with a stubby and angular pursue that results from a greatly steep the big sleep.
2012 New Volkswagen Cross Coupe Interior

In addition to the diesel-powered website and the dual-clutch indication, Volkswagen Cross says the front and back revocation on the Corner Vehicle TDI Plug-in Hybrid idea is found from the new MQB case sequence.

It’s not yet determined so far whether the Vw Corner Vehicle will ever arrive at technology. However, given the fact that we’ve now seen it at two auto reveals (Tokyo 2011 and Geneva 2012), we’d say possibilities are high that Vw wants to either place the effective cross-over into sequence technology, or have its appearance and drivetrain effect other approaching Vw SUVs and crossovers.

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