2009 Volkswagen L1 Concept car

Volkswagen L1 Concept car

The Volkswagen L1 Abstraction two-seater is powered by a new accepted abuse turbo-diesel (two-cylinder TDI) and an electric motor. With its boilerplate ammunition burning of 1.49 litres agent per 100 kilometres with CO2 emissions of the 160 km/h fast abstraction car are aloof 39 g/km. The TDI, E-motor and 7-speed DSG are amid at the rear. The Volkswagen L1 Abstraction primary drive antecedent is a absolutely redeveloped two-cylinder turbo-diesel with accepted abuse absolute bang (TDI). It is operated in two altered modes depending on the amount conditions. In the accepted “ECO” mode, the 800 cm3 TDI develops a ability of 20 kW / 27 PS (at 4,000 rpm); in “Sport” approach – acclimated to ability top speed, for archetype – the car’s ability rises to 29 kW / 39 PS (at 4,000 rpm). The TDI’s best torque is 100 Newton-meter (at 1,900 rpm).

Volkswagen L1 Concept car

Naturally, the Volkswagen L1 additionally has a Stop-Start arrangement that automatically shuts bottomward the agent back agent has chock-full and restarts back the accelerator or E-pedal is pressed.The Volkswagen L1, able with ABS and ESP, has a top dispatch of up to 160 km/h. With best dispatch from a standstill, the Volkswagen L1 Abstraction alcove 100 km/h afterwards aloof 14.3 seconds. The ammunition catchbasin holds aloof ten litres yet, this is acceptable for a abstract active ambit of about 670 kilometres, accustomed the car’s 1.38 litre boilerplate ammunition consumption. 2013 is the ambition year for this Volkswagen L1 Abstraction to become a reality.

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