2011 SsangYong Concept KEV2

2011 SsangYong Concept KEV2 2011 SsangYong Electric Concept
Playing on his home turf was logical to believe that SsangYong paid in Seoul Motor Show a few interesting developments. President Moreover H is on his stand KEV2 (Korando Electric Vehicle 2), based on the body of the report recently published C. Korando
2011 SsangYong Concept KEV2
2011 SsangYong Concept KEV2
The KEV2 is an evolution of previous EV1, which had appeared in the Busan Motor Show. With a 120 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion high-voltage, reaches a top speed of 150 km / h and can run 180 km on one charge. Time must have 100% of the batteries is eight hours in a conventional electrical outlet, and half an hour fast.

Externally, the concept makeup KEV2 specific topics, such as alloy wheels 19-inch LED optics, special bumpers and grille, and a ringtone for your unique body. Changes to see the inside (right), but because it is a live model at the conceptual stage, this detail is not particularly relevant.

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