2011 Koenigsegg CCR Evolution by EDO Competition

2011 Koenigsegg CCR Evolution by EDO2011 Koenigsegg CCR Evolution by EDO
In relation to top quality modifications for supercars, edo competitors Motorsport GmbH is among the most established names within the business. Regardless of make and model, the edo crew is always searching for approaches to refine and optimize. That’s also why the owner of a Koenigsegg came to us. Not entirely happy together with the energy of his Swedish exotic and searching to increase the drivability too because the look, he tasked edo competitors using the occupation of generating it occur.
2011 Koenigsegg CCR Evolution by EDOEDO Competition Koenigsegg CCR Evolution 2011

Since the V8 engine is becoming force-fed by twin superchargers, the key focus was about the setup with the two Rotrex models. With assistance through the producer the drive ratio was modified plus the ECU was remapped to accommodate the hardware modifications. The intention was to increase the power output even though maintaining a broad torque curve over the whole rev variety. With all the new drive ratio the engine hits its torque peak previously and puts out up to 891 horsepower, according to the degree of tune. So as to ensure lengthy term reliability from the superchargers, the engine redline was lowered to seven,200 rpm.

The transmission with its notchy gear changes acquired an overhaul also. The 6 pace gearbox was disassembled in its entirety plus the plastic bushings were replaced with Uniball models. The final outcome: full boost strain from just three,700 rpm all the way up to 6,000 rpm, reassuringly durable brakes, finely tuned directional stability beyond 300 km/h (186 mph) as well as a top velocity that was reduced slightly from 390 km/h (242 mph) for phenomenal and substantially enhanced acceleration and drivability.
2011 Koenigsegg CCR Evolution by EDO
Extra alterations were created for the style with the vehicle’s interior and exterior. The wheels for example underwent a elegance remedy and acquired a coat of charcoal paint. The updated front with auxiliary lights now resembles the later on CCR types, along with the Alcantara materials which was used all through the Koenigsegg’s cabin delivers a far more deluxe really feel. The redesigned middle console now accommodates a new infotainment program including a reversing digital camera too being a custom-made pouch for the immobilizer remote. For security factors a TPM system now informs the driver about tire pressures and temperatures. The display was integrated in to the dashboard.

The bottom line: edo competition has succeeded in upgrading this really uncommon exotic with very good details with out watering down its distinctly unique character. Nonetheless, probably the most extraordinary facet is still the extreme and violent acceleration, that's practically unparalleled, even in the realm of supercars.

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