New 2009 Citroen C4 Release in 2009

Launched towards the end of 2004, Citroen that C4 2009 reached 900.000 units is sold in the whole world, in its 5 versions of door and half-compartment. After almost 4 years of successful career of businesses, this model is completely replaced, aesthetically and in the technique and technological.

Seen outside, the principal change for new C4 is its front, with new a face which brings elegance, the force and the dynamism.

It also evolved/moved in the interior, with the changes which affect the tapestry of furnishing, the texture of several pieces of siding and the transfer of the meter to the center of the instrument panel.

In terms of new technologies, acoustics and the telematics of offer are prolonged, like country with the arrival of the second navigation system-MyWay-partner with the function of Bluetooth, and capacity to connect the reproducers portable multimedias, for half of the box USB.

Under the cap, Citroen C4 2009 replaces its offer of gasoline engine, with the arrival of two new mechanics developed in collaboration with the group of BMW. Engine 120 of VTI and the THP 150 distinguished by its power, its consumption of low power and its respect for the environment. They provide a new driving pleasure.

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