Sport Car 2009 Maserati GranTurismo S

Maserati developed a special series of new options called of line sport of MC , which makes its world beginning with the Motor-show of Bologna, with the new contents which is added to Maserati 'with already extended range of S of the devices personalized on sale. The line of sport of MC is designed to increase the DNA sporting of the vehicles of Maserati for these customers like whom to show their passion to pack by a dynamic glance and a choice of the technical solutions which increase the driving recreation without compromise.

The name the line sport of MC summarizes the experience gained on the way by the Corsica department of Maserati, whose contribution to the design of the functional components was of priceless value. The world of the engine packing originators also inspired of Maserati 'of S when it had suddenly named, consequently the wide use of carbon fibre, very popular among thanks of packing of enthusiasts to his direct connection with packing contests.

GranTurismo S, the final expression of the execution of Maserati on roads, was the model chosen to present to the public the first proposals of the line of the catalogue of sport MC, which will be prolonged in the chain of GranTurismo and to then cover the whole line of Maserati during 2009.

Under with the skin , the suspension was grace solidified to new, stiffer springs, with shock absorbers and bars anti-bearing; the new installation of suspension is synchronized with an application software of programme of stability of Maserati, allowing the driver more freedom. The car is now 10 millimetres lower than GranTurismo S, having for result an execution on the road of GranTurismo S which is absolutely intransigent in terms to handle and lead the pleasure.

All the enumerated devices are available one or the other as an element of the package of personalization, after the indications of the originators of Maserati; or individually, to cover the personal tastes of each customer.
Sport Car 2009 Maserati GranTurismo S

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