New 2009 BMW X6 Concept Car Release

BMW X6 is the first car in the world to comprise the dynamic ordering of execution for the single directional stability and the precision under all the conditions of control as well as the intelligent xDrive technology of all drive of BMW.

The powerful presence of the body amalgamates without jolt and harmoniously with the low-launched roof hot greenhouse. This roofline overflowing is indeed an element characteristic of the silhouette of half-compartment, just like the overhang before short, the long footing and the long back overhang. In its design, BMW X6 expresses all the DNA so characteristic of BMW X. the balance optical of the nose gear wheels and back clearly obvious of the side bears convainquant testimony with the intelligent xDrive technology of aldrive of BMW.

Compared with the concept, very little changed. In fact, you will have a difficulty of noting all the differences of the whole. The only obvious dry blow of design was made with the side openings of the crossing. On the concept, B and the C-pillars are not obvious, but on the car of production they divide glass clearly.

New 2009 BMW X6 Concept Car

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