Hummer H3 V8 Kompressor

The Hummer 'the present and uncertain future concern s are no impediment to tuners hell-bent on creating the vehicles most insane possible, swollen and Hummer H3 V8 is a typical example. Today the Germans cars Geiger, already known for some exotic creations Hummer has released the H3 V8 Kompressor on a trusting world.
The changes in appearance are reminiscent of last year 's H3 GT, with a full body kit and rear removal available to provide a cleaner profile. Use adequate internal balance of carbon fiber is light poundage porky H3 's capabilities while also providing an aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps the lust for excitement is that this decision of Geiger 's to drop in a 5.3L supercharged V8 producing 423hp (316kW) and 502lb-ft (680nm) of torque. The upgrade of power is enough to launch the diminutive behemoth to 60mph (96km / h) in 7 seconds from a standing start, and make it a top speed of 148mph killer (238km / h). To get the animal back to safer speeds safely, Geiger H3 V8 team on a set of disc brakes of the six-piston 380x35mm. A package of suspension improves the handling at speed, and pavement 22x10in wheels in tires Continental 305/40 through contact offer lots of grip. While many may decry this change as a change-productive completely against what is actually a decent all-terrain SUV, it may actually be a more honest interpretation of its actual use: as a "look at me " the vehicle attention-demanding street children carrying trays and grocery stores in the seizure obscene, above - the best model.

The "baby Hummer 's just a shade under 4.700 lbs (2.131 kg) in form, its five-cylinder 3.7L providing execution Baillie-inspiration with just 239hp (178kW) and 241lb-ft (327Nm) of torque on tap, although it supplements the lack of an outside estimate of the city 14/18mpg/route. Even the 5.3L V8 actions are just 300hp (224kW) and 320lb-ft (434Nm) of torque in spite of its motion, and it 's certainly more to the task to obtain promptly the H3 of ship, he took a stab in the department of efficiency, thanks to the fall of the city 13/16mpg/route in part to its weight 5.069 lbs (2.299 kg).

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