2009 HUMMER H2 Negro and Black Chrome Edition

2009 HUMMER H2 Black Chrome

Things are not good to look for HUMMER. The mark is in horrible period, with sales in 61 per cent in July, its parent company GM dropping the brand as quickly as possible and let that weighs the same as a female Asian elephant. But that's not stopping HUMMER of introducing a new special-edition and H2 SUT.

2009 HUMMER H2 Black Chrome

2009 HUMMER H2 Black Chrome Edition H2 offers a couple of black chrome treatments including a new grille, a new fuel cap, the plate and side vents, side-view mirrors, door handles and locks and new 22-inch black chrome wheels.
Only 1300 units of the 2009 HUMMER H2 Negro Chrome Edition occur. This includes both SUV and SUT models collection.

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