2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio

As you may remember, in support of spy photos emerged in November with what appeared to be the new cut of 2010 E-Class Mercedes in the form of convertible hard top. He 's now in January, and it is obvious that Mercedes has chosen to adopt instead the more conventional soft-top, as demonstrated by these projectiles cabrio E-Class Mercedes.

LED without any camouflage, I must admit that I really like the new design. Maybe its my imagination, but I feel like the back line of the roof and changed the additional area created by the compartment of pandering roof make the season much of the vehicle more attractive. I 'd even go as far indicates that new designs each of the E-Class, Coupe or sedan, this is my favorite.

Obviously I réserverai the final verdict until the official unveiling of model in 's, but as of now, I think it ' fantastic improvement of SA over the outgoing CLK. To see the new E-Class Mercedes Cabrio and judge for yourself, keep scrolling for a few additional photos (click to enlarge), then head over to GlobalMotors.net where you can check the full gallery and action -packed.

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