2009 / 2010 Saturn Aura XR 4

2009 Saturn Aura XR 4-cyl

The four-cylinder engine was the stepchild of red hair from the aura of Saturn, like many other mid-size sedans regardless of font. The V-6 edition always draws the most of the other substance, and in fact, the model of better quality is often available only with a V-6. Four-cylinders do not need to apply even if the four are sold in larger quantities than the V-6, it is usually.

2009 Saturn Aura XR Specifications :

Doors: 4
Engine: Inline 4
Transmission: Automatic
Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
Interior Color: Grey

The irony is that the larger engine is usually the transmission glossy. The aura of Saturn, for example, has assigned six-speed automatic six-cylinder, and was available only on the higher model, the Saturn XR. Those wishing economy four-cylinder have been stuck with the basic balance-XE Saturn and a four-speed automatic.
Naturally, the lower four-cylinder-powered could make better use of the six-speed automatic. With more reports to choose from, it is easier to keep the engine in its PowerBand closer. But with a limited availability of the six-speed, those who pay more get better substance.

This is changed for 2009, however. Is not only the four-cylinder engine available in the balance of XR, it also comes with six-speed automatic. As something of a reversal of position, the V-6 is no longer available with the balance of XE. The aura of Saturn is also available as a hybrid, although the "Green Line" model designation was dropped.

2009 Saturn Aura XR 4

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