2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro Details Spec

2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro2010 Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro

Power like a V6, fuel consumption like a four-cylinder TDI - after three generations of the Audi duo, the Q5 hybrid quattro is the first hybrid model from Audi with two drive systems. Its gasoline engine, a 2.0 TFSI, and its electric motor have a system output 180 kW (245 hp) and 480 Nm (354.03 lb-ft) for sporty dynamics - the mean consumption in the normal cycle (NEDC) is limited to less than 7.0 liters per 100 km (33.60 US mpg).

During the development process, Audi focused on a high share of electrically powered driving. The sportiest hybrid SUV on the market covers about three kilometers (1.86 miles) locally emission-free at a speed of 60 km/h (37.28 mph), and can drive up to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) under electric power alone. With the equally powerful and lightweight lithium-ion battery and many other solutions, the Audi Q5 hybrid quattro represents the state of the art.

2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro
2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid QuattroAudi Q5 Hybrid Quattro Picture

The 2.0 TFSI and the electric motor of the Audi Q5 hybrid are mounted directly behind one another as a parallel hybrid system - a straight-line concept with impressive efficiency. Together they have a system output of 180 kW (245 hp) and a system torque of 480 Nm (354.03 lb-ft). The new top model in the successful Q5 series sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 miles) in 7.1 seconds, while the interim sprint from 80 to 120 km/h (49.71 to 74.56 mph) is accomplished in fifth gear in 5.9 seconds. The powerful propulsion ends at no less than 222 km/h (137.94 mph).

The consumption by the Audi Q5 hybrid quattro lies under 7.0 liters per 100 km (33.60 US mpg) in the normal cycle - that corresponds to a CO2 emission of less than 160 g/km (257.50 g/mile). The 75 liter (19.81 US gallon) tank yields a reliable range comparable to that of a TDI.

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