2010 Audi quattro Concept at Paris Motor Show

2010 Audi quattro Concept

2010 Audi quattro Concept

The very first glimpse of the new audi Quattro White show car awakens memories of another legendary ancestor: the 1984 Sport quattro, a 306 hp evolutionary stage of the Audi quattro Coupé with a shortened wheelbase. In fact, the Audi quattro Concept also represents the systematic further development of a production coupé using high-performance technology. The foundation is provided by the powerful Audi RS5, one of the brand's sportiest production vehicles ever.

The Audi development engineers shortened the wheelbase by 150 millimeters (5.91 in) and lowered the roofline by around 40 millimeters (1.57 in) compared to the four-seat coupé on which it is based. Like its predecessor from 1984, the 2010 show car is now also a two-seater. The heavily modified body is made primarily of aluminum, with the hood, the rear hatch and other components made of carbon.

2010 Audi quattro Concept Gallery and Photos :

2010 Audi quattro Concept 2010 Audi quattro Concept

2010 Audi quattro Concept Interior2010 Audi quattro Concept

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