Subaru Trezia Minivan at Geneva 2011

Subaru Trezia MinivanSubaru Trezia MPV
Less than 4 feet long, FWD, when there is usual with Subaru, which does not fit all wheel drive based Verso-S, a gasoline and diesel derived from the organ bank Tr├ęziers The Toyota is a real mechanical clone.
Subaru Trezia MinivanSubaru Trezia Minivan Interior
Aesthetics alone can tip the balance of potential buyers for his place of Toyota. I must say that this is not bad for a small space very strong and dynamic.The gasoline engine is a 1.3 to 99 hp, a 1.4 to 90 hp diesel. Prices start at 22,500 francs, or around € 17 350 in gasoline and 24,500 francs or € 18 900 for diesel.

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