2011 New Honda CR-Z EX Review complete

2011 New Honda CR-Z EX
2011 New Honda CR-Z EX

The 2011 New Honda CR-Z EX auto-stop function also is affected by the running mode, but the car will completely shut down at a stop, in neutral, in any mode. Therein lies one of the CR-Z's ironies: It's a hybrid, but because of its manual transmission (no complaints, mind you), it has to wait until the car Honda CR-Z EX is in neutral to shut down completely (unlike most CVT or automatic-transmission hybrids, in which the engine shuts down as soon as the car stops and starts up as soon as the brake is released). 2011 New Honda CR-Z EXSo unless you take the extra step to slip into neutral at a stop, the car will never achieve maximum city stop-and-go fuel economy, which is usually a strong point for hybrids. Honda CR-Z EX That's probably why the city mpg isn't higher; some hybrids boast higher city fuel economy than the highway number. Honda CR-Z EX numbers are 31 city, 37 highway.

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