Mazda Recall 200 Mazda5 problem with power steering

Mazda Recall 200 Mazda5 power steering
Mazda Recall 200 Mazda5

Mazda Motor Co. attracted more than 200 thousand units in Indonesia Mazda3 and Mazda5 power steering, vehicle related issues. This is apparently affected the population in Indonesia. For because of these problems, PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) to be part of it to call back or recall of the product they've ever marketed Mazda5.

"For Indonesia we do special service-related programs Mazda5. This is a step we take to the announcement of the Mazda3 and Mazda5 Mazda in the U.S., "For consumers Mazda5 itself from last week we had the data and began to be contacted by the dealership, our dealers to bring their vehicles into the workshop to review the official Mazda," said Astrid.

Recall that conducted by MMI on this Mazda5 Astrid done related complaints in the steering wheel that feels heavy Mazda5.

"This happens because when there is rust on the pipe at high pressure power steering then the computer will give the signal to go into safe mode," said Astrid.

To make improvements related to it according to Astrid does not take a long time is only about 1.5 to 2 hours. And it is all free of charge or free. Mazda5 himself began to put into Indonesia starting 2007 years ago until mid-2009. The car is called the Premacy in Japan have approximately 200 units that will be involved in this program.

Well if there Mazda5 owners who feel has not been contacted, Astrid suggested that they contact the dealership where they bought a car. "If there are any questions customers may also call MMI through the website. In contact us, we will surely reply," said Astrid. While for the Mazda3, Astrid convince consumers that this variant is safe and there are no problems whatsoever. For Mazda3 is entered into Indonesia by Astrid different from entering the United Mazda3.

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