2009 Dodge Challenger Vapor by Air Force

The automatic sports of Galpin joined its hands with the Air force of the United States to design a superb car which later led to the production of the vapor of challenger of turning.

2009 Dodge Challenger Vapor

The Dodge vapor comprises a camera of 360 degrees which can look until a distance from thousand quarter. It comprises the doors of scissors with the carbon fibre balance, improvements of jet and these doors can be reached while employing remote-control. The outside of the car is painted in the black color and it comprises the fibre wheels of mode and carbon of exhaust of discretion. The interiors are conceived in a model of cockpit and are is composed of two seats, of helmets of flight, world system of localization, orders in the model of a plane and a advanced computer which is composed of a UAV remote-control where it can be reached in the whole world using the Internet.

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