2008 Holden Commodore omega

2008 Holden Commodore omega

The automotive industry continues to support the shock of the slowdown in economic activity, with new car sales down 22 percent last month.

The four-wheel-drive vehicles and prestige were the most affected, with large 4WD sales down by almost 50 per cent and a few luxury brands selling less than half the number of vehicles they sold in February spent .

But the calculation of the costs of sports cars under $ 80,000 have the opposite trend, recording a small increase in sales in first two months of the year. Something over $ 80,000 has not been as lucky, with sales down by roughly half.

Large two car locally built in Australia, the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon have gone reasonably well in the tough climate, with the Commodore taking the mantle as car sales leader in the country despite a decline 22 per cent in sales. Sales of the Ford Falcon were down by just 5 percent.
But the news was not good for people, with car Toyota would have the larger declines in sales suffering from the territory of local 4WD Ford by more than 40 percent.

The outlook remains melancholy for the automotive industry, with some manufacturers still trying to shift cars 2008 models.

The point of sales year-to-date on a new market seasonally adjusted 863,000 car vehicles in 2009, slightly down on the evaluation of the 880,000 federal chamber of industry self and the smallest market since 2002.

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