Ford Fiesta-based B-Max Reveals In Geneva

Ford Fiesta B-MaxFord Fiesta B-MaxFord B-Max
B-Max construction of pillars, along with two sliding doors, the Mazda5 offers aperture which is nearly 5 meters wide, when the doors are open and the traditional external back door is pushed fully back. It is about twice the competition offered by Ford, making it easier to strap-on child seats and load a full-size adult to return to gymnastics in a row without confusion. And the best part is the pillarless design is ready for production - is unclear, Ford intends to use it.
Ford Fiesta B-Max Interior
B-Max is built off the same chassis as the Fiesta. It is about 4 inches longer than the Fiesta sedan and a foot shorter than the C-Max crossover, which is the way to the United States are trying to B-Max inhabitant of the city that is the S-Max is too big, but who still wants the same kind of interior space and packaging.

"With the B-Max we decided to create a vehicle that captures the spirit of a small S-Max," said Martin Smith, Executive Director Design, Ford of Europe said in a statement. "We wanted to show that for a small car may be in the spacious and practical interior, but with elegance, dynamic aspect that made the S-Max so popular." Declaring that the Ford B-Max can swallow objects up close to 8 feet long when the passenger seat and row seats fold 60/40. Finally, with more than four inches in height compared to the party, the drivers get a more dominant on the road.

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