Spyder Wiesmann Concept at Geneva 2011

Spyder Wiesmann ConceptSpyder Wiesmann Concept
Wiesmann announced a few days ago, the concept of the Spyder would be 81 at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is already under the neon lights of the Palexpo's voice still rings, hammers and drills and just be surprised. Radical is a word that fits him well.
Spyder Wiesmann Concept
Wiesmann not balance with some current economic models, the small German company is obliged to expand its catalog. Do not invest in the investigation of a new platform, falling Spyder variants therefore fall within this category.

The aim of this concept is to measure the interest of potential customers to decide whether or not time is added to the catalog. These first 2 images of the vehicle on the confirmed surprised by radical designers have completely resisted the advance of the door-to-back "and" soldiers "of the doors. Spyder should be radical.

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