Koenigsegg Solar Electric Quant electric concept

Koenigsegg Solar Electric Quant electric concept

Koenigsegg released from the details on their proposal again concept, the quantity of Koenigsegg. An electric solar supercar
of four-seat, the vehicle was conceived by the manufacturer of cars and solar specialists NLV in solar energy.A complete model of the car is on posting with the Motor-show of Geneva.If it enters the production, the two companies envisage a car with a range of 500 kilometers (311 SEMI), and batteries capable of a full load in approximately 20 minutes. These batteries would be a type which can be charged an unlimited number of times without degradation. The conservation high of range is the photovoltaic coating of the thin layer of the body, and regeneration with four wheels of brake.

The quantity would obtain the equivalent of 512 BHP and the 715 bad nanometer of couple, bringing the car of 0-100 km/h in 5.2 seconds. This power comes from an twin-engine only installed weighing 140 kilogrammes, and eliminates the need for differential bevel gears and. The high speed of the quantity could reach 275 km/h. The car of drive of back-wheel weighs inside with 1780 kilogrammes Each of the four seats is adjustable, including both at the bottom. The part of generous leg in average the back four adults can rest in the vehicle. the doors of Gull-wing and a lack of B-pillars let people obtain in and outside all the parts of the car easily. Those in the back will be amused by the panels of two infotainment integrated in the back. Another panel is in the front one. Safety-wise, the vehicle was designed with ABS, electronic stability, and six smart bags with air.

Solar Electric Quant electric concept

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