2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta V12s Engine

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta V12s
At the release of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta recently, Mercedes made a veiled referrals to the long run use of V12 applications in its variety by reporting the car as “the first in a new technology of V12s”.

It is recognized that ecological demands had pressured Ferrari to assess other website templates, but progression of the F1-derived KERS program has given it to be able to keep V12s in its line-up. “We will jiggle out new technological innovation that is there first and major to present a natural aspect to our vehicles and make sure that we can keep our product where it is with regards to CO2,” Ferrari manager Amedeo Felisa informed Autocar.

“Our multiple program will not just be about developing power, but keeping power, too. Yes, that technological innovation is costly these days, but the street forward is start and progress will carry down the cost and weight negatives.

The company first used compounds in this years HY-KERS idea, an otherwise inventory Ferrari 599 GTB with a KERS program. It presented a low-capacity website unit at the top side to generate ancillaries when operating on power alone, and a rear-mounted one ranked at 100bhp and 110lb ft. The power supply tissues was propagate over the floorpan.

A technology edition of this program is first predicted to be implemented in the next Enzo, which will function a mid-mounted V12. As part of its investment to decreasing CO2 pollutants, Mercedes is also considering implementing six-cylinder applications. Felisa suggested that such applications were likely following F1’s force in that route.

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