2012 Shelby Supercar Tuatara

2012 Shelby Supercar Tuatara2012 Shelby Tuatara Supercar
This Supercar Lamborghini style is the latest creation of the American Shelby Supercar producer cars. Name for a lizard Kiwi With the fastest of any changes in the DNA of animals on earth, "Tuatara" is powered by a rear mounting medium bi-turbo 7.0-liter V8 developing 1007kW. Power is based through a manual selection of the speed of seven or seven-speed automatic transmission.The rest of the specifications of the car are a closely guarded secret, although we know it is made of carbon fiber reinforced aluminum structures accident.

"The name was inspired by modern tuatara New Zealand reptile of the same name. Direct descendant of the dinosaur, the name of this reptile is translated into the Maori language means" peaks on the back ", which is very appropriate, because the fins behind the new car. "SSC has yet to finalize the numbers in tuatara, but exceed true style we expect that these are only a dozen. Pricing has not yet been reported, although some sources quote up to USD $ 800.000.Similarly, the maximum speed car is not recommended, although it needs a Veyron maximum 407 kmh v.max exact result if he wants the record books.

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