Hyundai Blue2 Sedan Concept 5-door hatchback

Hyundai Blue2 Sedan ConceptHyundai Blue2 Sedan Concept

The lively South Korean car market is a excellent stage within the Seoul Motor Exhibit, which opens its doors today to existing a sequence of interesting prototypes. Among these rights is part in the Hyundai blue2 (blue square), 5-door hatchback idea that exploits the Blue Drive technology combined with fuel cell and hydrogen power .

The fuel cells generate electrical energy using hydrogen content in special containers and this comes to the electric motor that produces roughly 120 hp (90 kW). The figure is declared consumption of two.eight l/100 km , not surprisingly, hydrogen. To create it even additional effective, the Hyundai blue2 was outfitted with unique lightweight alloy wheels, tires with decreased rolling resistance and a sleek front that optimizes aerodynamics, along with little cameras that act as mirrors.
Hyundai Blue2 Sedan Concept
Other attributes in the announced blue2 there are automatic opening doors, the asymmetric form in the dashboard and infotainment program activated by a wheel with touch controls. Even the windows are special, including “Gorilla”, which may show graphics and info transparency (Toledo). Beyond the concept of typical flights of fancy, one of the most fascinating news comes from the very same Hyundai, which suggests the possibility of the future production design with this particular design . Shortly, we will then expect a 5-door sedan together with the sleek and sporty-luxurious setting of the coupe and hatchback, a Korean rival, the Audi A5 Sportback be attached to the Hyundai i40 with all the trademark Genesis.

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