China has already sold 2011 New Volvo S80L

2011 New Volvo S80L2011 New Volvo S80L
China has already sold the Volvo S80 L (elongated platform), but this does not seem enough to those markets.Now, the Shanghai Motor Show (April 19), Volvo will show a new concept, even more luxurious car. Limo will be based on S80.
2011 New Volvo S80L2011 Volvo S80L

According to German magazine Auto Bild, the Volvo car called Universe. In mass production, however, the model will be marketed as Volvo S100. This model will be a major four-door coupe. With the luxury model, the Swedish brand with Chinese owners, to compete with cars like the Audi A7 Sportback, Mercedes-Benz CLS, and some models of BMW.

Since late 2010, S80 comes with a new engine - four-cylinder gasoline engine, 2.0 liters in volume, a family of 149 kW EcoBoost. So now, the Volvo S80 is available with three petrol engines and two diesels.

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