New 2009 Volvo S80L

Cars 2009, image, photograph and image of concept of truck of Volvo S80L. The S80L is based on standard the S80 truck, but locally worked and specifically conceived for the market in China, where it will be also assembled. It divides all the devices with shorter S80 but of the right ends an additional 14cm in the length, with the major part of additional space profiting from the passengers of back seat. Five alternatives will be available, with various balances and packages of engine to be chosen.

The power of the higher model comes from a six-cylinder integrated turbocharged of 285hp (210kW) 3.0L T6, and is led by an automatic gear box to Volvo 'to the system to driving wheels of S. the combined gear box is ace with the scoot the limousine with 62mph (100km/h) as Juste 7.2 seconds - not the bad one for a rather large car.

Volvo appreciated the stable growth since entering in China. It released its first models locally established, S40, in 2008, and today it sells S40 and the flagship S80 on the Chinese market.

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