2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid New

2010 Ford Fusion HybridFord Fusion Hybrid

Ford TEAM will try to lead hybrid 2010 of fusion of Ford is put at the final test of fuel-effectiveness. A team of drivers, including the Carl Edwards star of NASCAR and world-record to break the hypermiler Wayne Gerdes, will try to lead more than 1.000 miles on to single tank of gas also led to join together the money for the base of searchs for youthful diabetes will require fusion to go for step minus 57 miles out of one gallon of fuel (4.1l/100 kilometer).

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
The challenge 1,000-Mile starts with approximately the 8:00 hour of the morning on Saturday April 25, starting from the frame Vernon, Va., and finishes the morning of Monday April 27, in Washington, D.C. the team will lead during more than 43 hours without interruption to achieve the goal of 1.000 miles. The car used for the test will be a model produced by factory without modifications or changes and will run on octane gas of military career 87.

Ford is trustful it can manage to achieve this goal, particularly because while using Eco-Leading techniques in the tests preceding this challenge by weekend 'of S, they managed to reach 70 miles with the gallon (3.36l/100 kilometer).

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Without counting that the assistance join together the money for the base of searchs for youthful diabetes, plans of Ford on showing the crucial role which
2010 Ford Fusion Hybridthe driver plays in how much fuel the car employs. The principal techniques shown in techniques Eco-Motor coaches maintain even the pressure of power control, acceleration without clash and braking, to go until the red lights and to the signs of stop, and to close even the windows at the speeds to reduce the aerodynamic trail.

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