2012 Limousine Strand Craft Beach Cruiser

2012 Limousine Strand Craft Beach CruiserStrand Craft Limousine Beach Cruiser
Gray Design and Craft Strand announced the launch of its latest creation of luxury cars, Craft Strand Beach Cruiser Limousine. Release the combo between the superyacht supercar, and a super combo of gray Design. The Swedes have now published the vehicle was designed for cruising the coast as far as possible exposure to the sun.
2012 Limousine Strand Craft Beach Cruiser
The interior is made of leather Alcantara stressed brushed aluminum and chrome. dashboard clock in the dashboard of Breitling and detail trim reinforced with Swarovski crystals. A sound system was installed that Naim uses a 1100-watt amplifier to deliver high sound quality for up to 15 speakers. According Beach Craft, quality music is never compromised, even when the canopy is fully open.
2012 Limousine Strand Craft Beach Cruiser
Power comes with a 6-liter V8 engine under the hood, capable of producing 400 horsepower 4400 rpm and push the vehicle is limited to a maximum speed of 220 km / h. This power is delivered to all four wheels via a Haldex system, in which the most traction and performance of sand-covered roads

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