2012 New Dodge Avenger R/T

2012 New Dodge Avenger R/T2012 New Dodge Avenger R/T
The model derived from the version 3.6 of 283 hp V6 is equipped as the classic model of a gearbox six-speed automatic, but as their benefits will remain unchanged, the suspension has been recalibrated to give a stronger character, with a tightening of 17% of front springs and 12% rear. Unfortunately there is nothing that we read about improvements in brakes, and the only asset is the front axle (since canceled Dodge wheel drive model name).
2012 New Dodge Avenger R/T
Aesthetically, there are also new features including a new grille, wheels and 19 "behind closed doors, special upholstery, instrumentation, and the difference between the pedals" SRT-inspired. "Speaking of SRT, we know that New York Chrysler room is equipped with two high-performance models, so those who want something more than a superficial attitude, are very careful to day 20

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