2011 G POWER BMW X6 M Typhoon S Concept

2011 G Power BMW X6M Typhoon S 2011 G Power BMW X6M Typhoon S

The X6 M adapted by G-POWER boasts a Typhoon S physique kit, a titanium bankrupt arrangement and an achievement of 725 hp. The Typhoon S physique kit, acquired from the Typhoon wide-body kit, enables an access in cooling achievement of up to 15% for the 4.4l V8 twin-turbo ability assemblage in the BMW X6 M, paving the way for an access of 170 hp in abject output, demography it to a appalling 725 hp.

The aboriginal affair that stands out about the G-POWER X6 M Typhoon S is the redesigned foreground brim that absolutely replaces the aboriginal part. Designed to challenge the G-POWER Typhoon wide-body kit, the foreground brim with ample air intakes delivers the appropriate artful of the BMW X6 M featuring the G-POWER style. The anxiously acid contour aswell facilitates a abridgement of aerodynamic lift on the foreground axle. Another agency in the counterbalanced attending of the X6 Typhoon S is the G-POWER beanie fabricated absolutely from carbon-fibre. Equipped with a axial Venturi-effect engine bay aperture for cooling while in motion and two crabbed ABS grilles for anchored ventilation, it ensures bigger amusement from the engine alcove of hot air generated by the two turbochargers.

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