2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupé First Photos

2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupé2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupé2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupé
A new series of photos Mercedes C Class Coupe fled again before the beginning of the automobile at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 - and this time they are for real and not just made!

We still do not know what is the point of this car, because in many ways it is very similar to the E-Class Coupe currently on the market rival BMW 3-Series and Audi A5. In fact, a disinterested eye will not be able to distinguish them. It can not be considered an alternative for those who can not afford the E-Coupe as well because it will not be so cheap and those who can buy this car can certainly afford the E-Class as well!
2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupé Interior
In any event, the Mercedes is, therefore, to do this. We just want to say now that they did, they could do a little 'different than the C-Class. It's basically a new C-Class facelift, inside and out, but two doors and roof windows.So to be honest Mercedes C Class Coupe car is not very interesting, but do not despair, because it is a very hot AMG version of the work that is very, very interesting! This car really makes sense because there is an AMG version of the E-Coupe and will be a direct competitor to the BMW M3 and Audi S5. This will be the new CLK63 Black.

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