2011 Porsche Cayenne Concept by Mansory

Porsche Cayenne Concept by MansoryPorsche Cayenne by Mansory
MANSORY the company is the first choice for the refining of high-end exclusive cars and powerful super sports car. Emphasis will be on the optimizations that emphasize the car's dynamic character, as well as measures to develop the exclusive equipment. MANSORY Switzerland AG subsidiary also follows this path with its customization program for the new Porsche Cayenne design today.
Porsche Cayenne Concept by MansoryPorsche Cayenne Concept by Mansory
Produced in collaboration with a masterful level of finishes and precious materials - that is the subject of quality Mansory Switzerland for a larger version of the Porsche Cayenne. Harmoniously designed aerodynamic components, ultra-light aluminum wheels and powerful engine are the basis for improvements. high quality fittings and stylish interior parts the perfect choice. It does not matter if the client wants significant, exaggerated, or a noble touch, interior Mansory make the uniqueness and sovereignty.

For its extensive modification, based MANSORY modern production processes and uses the carbon material is both lightweight and very stable and very resistant PU-RIM. Front and rear apron, side skirts, hood or the extension of the vehicle by 60 mm front and 80 mm rear, all parts are produced in lightweight design. The carbon bonnet, for example, is cured under immense pressure and high temperature autoclave.

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