Electric Version : 2011 Artega SE at Geneva

2011 Artega SE Electric Version2011 Artega SE Electric Version2011 Artega SE
In the 81st Geneva Motor Show, 1 to 13 March 2011, Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG will launch an electric version of the mid-engine sports car. "Our goal is to combine environmental responsibility with a passion for the automobile," said Arteaga, executive director, Peter Müller.

This future project, the company's headquarters in Delbrück once again demonstrates the advantages and strengths of the plant. The technical skills and quick decision-making process could take an entirely new corporate status of the concept in a very short period of time. Artega is also in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, one of the development partner responsible for the automotive industry. Research Organization Artega bought two vehicles over a year ago to test the feasibility of electric cars.The new electric model will be announced at a press conference at 13 am on March 1, 2011 Artega stand in Hall 4, stand # 4231 exhibition. Peter Mueller will report on progress of the company since its last appearance at the Geneva Motor Show and will present the newly created company Artega Automotive Switzerland AG.
2011 Artega SE Electric Version
2011 Artega SE Interior2011 Artega SE Interior view
After the presentation of Mr. Muller, Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart illustrate the technical features of the SE Artega. The initials stand for "Sport Electric." The initiator of the project e-mobility is convinced of the benefits of electric sports cars. "Drivers of sports cars in general have a very dynamic style of driving with frequent acceleration and braking, which is very energy intensive. But EV regain the energy lost through braking and return it to the battery. Moreover, unlike the internal combustion engine vehicles, electric cars convert to scale the motor torque immediately, which makes driving a very dynamic new experience. " Delbrück factory will soon allow people to experience these benefits first hand. The vehicle must be submitted in late summer 2011, prior to IAA in Frankfurt. If the reaction is as positive as expected, a concerted effort will be made immediately to prepare the car for mass production. Could be on the market in April 2012.

Artega ® GT with carbon fiber hood serial, EU5 and individual configuration Hood in carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the standard Euro 5 Artega ® GT. Model in the company's Geneva show also highlights the advantages of manufacturing in-house concept, which offers the best opportunity to create extraordinary, unique vehicles. First of all, there are no color limits. Geneva Motor Show, for example, is a version of Suzuka Grey Metallic matching upholstery in two colors: the upper dashboard and door trim are upholstered in black leather board, while the rest of the interior is red leather. Other features include an air intake structure and sporty carbon fiber hood visible, which gives another clear indication of uncompromising lightweight construction and GT. Black wheels also highlights the top sports car.

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