2010 BMW X5 Tuned By Mansory

2010 BMW X5 Tuned By Mansory

2010 BMW X5 Tuned By Mansory2010 BMW X5 Tuned By Mansory

first time MANSORY Switzerland AG presents an individualized programme for current BMW models. The X5 will be the first model of the white-blue brand to be treated to an extensive refinement process. “The X5 is just the beginning,” announced Managing Director Michael Stein. “In response to the many requests of our importers and customers, we will very shortly be developing an exclusive programme for the bodywork, performance and interior of other selected BMW models. Other fascinating refinements for the BMW X6 as well as for the BMW 7 series are soon to follow.”

2010 BMW X5 Tuned By Mansory
2010 BMW X5 Tuned By Mansory Interior2010 BMW X5 Tuned By Mansory Interior View

In the development stages, MANSORY Switzerland AG attaches great importance to both individual design as well as to precisely tailored workmanship. The programme for the SUV X5 has already skilfully set these standards. Stylish coordinated components make the broadly-built frame a real eye-catcher. An integral part of the imposing front structure is a very sporty front spoiler with big cooling air inlets. An extra light engine bonnet made entirely from carbon optimises the supply of fresh air to the front motor with ventilating channels.

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