2009 Honda P-NUT Concept car L.A. auto show

2009 Honda P-NUT Concept car

Honda has appear that the Honda P-NUT concept, or Honda Personal-Neo Burghal Transport, will admission at the Los Angeles Auto Show on December 2. Although they did not absolution any angel of the Honda P-NUT concept, they say it is a futuristic, aggressively advised coupe.

2009 Honda P-NUT Concept car

The Honda P-NUT abstraction was developed at the company’s Advanced Architecture Studio in LA to be ultra-compact and fit for burghal life. The aggregation did not absolution any capacity apropos the agent of the Honda P-NUT concept, nor if it will be conventional, amalgam or electric. Judging from the name of the architecture study, the Honda P-NUT abstraction may be a single-seater. We’ll accept added capacity on the Honda P-NUT abstraction as anon as the aggregation makes them available.

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