2010 Nissan Fuga Hybrid wallpaper

2010 Nissan Fuga Hybrid

After several years of affairs baby volumes of its Altima auto application Toyota's amalgam drive system, Nissan is assuredly accessible to aeon out its aboriginal gas-electric archetypal application technology developed in-house. The aboriginal archetypal to be so able will be the new Fuga sedan, a car awash in North America as the Infiniti M.

Unlike the cyberbanking CVT systems acclimated by Toyota, Ford and General Motors, Nissan has autonomous to configure its arrangement application a accepted automated manual – in this case, a seven-speed unit. The electric drive is provided by a distinct motor sandwiched amid the agent and the transmission. A brace of electronically controlled claws sit on either ancillary of the motor acceptance the agent or the engine/motor aggregate to be absolutely de-coupled from the transmission.

2010 Nissan Fuga Hybrid

According to Nissan, the motor has an achievement of 50 kW (67 horsepower) and 270 Nm (200 pound-feet) of torque, and the arrangement is able to actuate the Fuga/M electrically at speeds of up 62 mph. The agent is a 3.5-liter adaptation of Nissan's acclaimed VQ V6 adapted to run with an Atkinson aeon for greater efficiency. Koichi Hayasaki, chief administrator of Nissan's amalgam program, tells us that the final numbers on the agent achievement as able-bodied as the net accumulated achievement won't be appear until ancient in 2010. As is the way these days, activity accumulator needs are handled by a lithium ion array backpack application the aforementioned affectionate of modules that are activity into the LEAF EV.

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