BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe 2008

BMW X6 front static

The tuners and tunettes at AC Schnitzer have turned their wrenches toward the 2009 BMW X6, BMW's unique Sports Activity Coupe. When we reviewed the Bimmer, making it look stranger with visual tweaks wasn't high on the list of things we were hoping someone would change. That didn't seem to deter AC Schnitzer, who added a new nose with a lower skirt, along with repositioned intakes and a revised rear diffuser. Lest you think it's all weird show and no go, the company is also tweaking the diesel engines with a new motor control unit, resulting in an unknown amount of horsepower through the Schnitzer's dual-flow exhaust system.

BMW X6 rear static

BMW X6 is another addition to BMW X-cars lineup, (BMW calls them SAVs - Sports Activity Vehicle) but is a crossover of a coupe and an SUV and they call this an SAC - Sports activity Coupe.

BMW X6 Sports 2008

Right now X6’s design is subject to a lot of controversy like all the Bimmers designed by Chris Bangle. People complaining about the X6 are more than the ones who like it and I’m among the minority. X6 has been executed beautifully inheriting a lot of design features from the X5 but in the looks department way better than the other X-cars (especially the X3 IMO which is uglier than the ugliest of the lot).

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