BMW 5 Series 2008 Modification Car

BMW is going to add a little bit of style to their 5 Series and they will show off three new versions distinguished by unique paint colors and trim, during Geneva Motor Show.It will be released in Platinum Bronze Metallic paint with chrome, has 17-inch alloy wheels and a wooden interior, making it a perfect luxury car for the family.

The current 5 Series has been around since 2004, so to keep things fresh, BMW is giving its mid-level offering a quick refresh.

Most notable are the mechanical changes, with six-cylinder engine options being brought in line with the 3 Series, including the addition of the 300 horsepower twin-turbo variant. Thus, the new 5 Series lineup consists of the 528, the 535, and the 550. Additionally, an all-wheel drive version of the 535 will be offered in both sedan and wagon form, something not available on the 3 Series. The V-8 powered 550i remains unchanged. No longer offered is the SMG, while the automatic transmission receives upgraded programming and becomes a no-cost option.

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