Abarth Scorpion IED Concept Compact and Sleek

Abarth Scorpion IED Concept IED Abarth Scorpion Concept
The Abarth Scorpion was designed by a group of students from the School of Design in Milan under the direction of FDI Borgogno Luigi Luca and Giampaolo designers at Pininfarina and Maserati. This small two-seater electric propulsion is fully compatible with the current environment, but in no way deny Abarth sporting tradition.
Abarth Scorpion IED Concept
Abarth Scorpion IED Concept
With a length of 4.01 m 1.90 m wide and 1.19 m high, FDI Abarth Scorpion is a compact and elegant. Wheelbase of 2.35 m for all its agility. Dynamically, the designers worked in a lower center of gravity, with the lithium-ion batteries behind the seats and four electric motors in the wheels.The design of this concept raises, as its name, symbol of Abarth scorpion. Note in particular the small appendix on the roof recalls the sting of terrible poisonous arachnid.

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