Lancia Ypsilon 2012 Officially Presented

Lancia Ypsilon 2012Lancia Ypsilon 2012 Officially Presented of Lancia Ypsilon
The car is mounted on the platform of the Fiat 500, but the distance between the axes of the Ypsilon is 300 mm longer than the little Fiat. The space was originally much larger than the 500, that the seats in thin Fiat technology will be used for the first time and Ypsilon, because it frees more space in the cabin.
Lancia Ypsilon 2012 interior
2012 Lancia Ypsilon Interior
The new generation of Lancia Ypsilon will be available in Europe with three engines - 1.2 liter diesel fuel volume with a volume of 1.3 liter turbo from a family with a 900 cm3 volume TwinAir. Diesel and TwinAir promise of emissions below 100 g / km.

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