Infiniti Released Etherea Concept at Geneva Motor Show

Infiniti Etherea ConceptInfiniti Etherea Concept

Infiniti has released the first pictures of its new concept Etherea entry is set to debut at Geneva Motor Show in March. The automaker says Etherea design blends elements of coupe, sedan, hatchback and even crossed a very sculpted, almost single volume form, "even if we find the final result is a bit awkward from some angles.
Infiniti Etherea Concept
Not so much a return to the concept of graphical showstopping Etherea Essence of society, especially in the corrugated C-pillar design. Only 173.2 cm in length, the concept is about four centimeters longer than the Nissan Versa sedan, and this is why so many points for style - especially the headlights and rear pillars - it would seem as if they were in a much larger machines. Yet we refuse to point until we see a car on March 1 person lives in Geneva. In the meantime, click on our high-res gallery below to see some pictures of the new Infiniti Etherea and follow the jump official press release.

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