News:Next Generation Ford Vertrek Concept 2011

Ford Vertrek Concept 20112011 Ford Vertrek Concept

Ford has revealed its next-generation Kuga, which will be previewed as a concept, alleged Vertrek, authoritative its apple admission at this week’s Detroit motor show. Based on the Focus platform, the Vertrek is advised to appearance how Ford’s baby SUV could become addition ‘global’ model. It's acceptable to be awash in Europe as the Kuga, but would become the Escape in North America and the Territory in Australia (although Ford is said to be because bottomward the closing name in favour of the European badge).
Ford Vertrek Concept 2011
Interior Ford Vertrek Concept 2011
2011 Ford Vertrek Interior Concept

The aggregation claims the Vertrek combines “European active architecture and active quality” with “cargo space, trailer-tow and off-road adequacy for North America”. It has not appear any ambit for the car, although the added overhangs above the Focus belvedere would announce it is beyond than the accepted Kuga. The abstraction has an Audi Q7-like profile, decidedly at the nose. Ford claims its administration is about bristles per cent added aerodynamically able than that of the accepted Kuga.

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