News: Zipcar Using Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The next generation of electric cars and vehicles available for less - at least, Zipcar members in Boston, San Francisco and Portland.The car-sharing service announced this week that eight Toyota Prius plug-in hybrids are now available for the three cities as part of a pilot program that will explore how technology can work in large car-sharing programs .

"Zipcar is an ideal test bed for consumer acceptance of electric vehicles in the beginning," said Scott Griffith, president and CEO of Zipcar, said in a statement. "This project will allow businesses to receive direct information from thousands of consumers in three cities and to help assess how electric vehicles are part of a sharing model vehicles on a large scale."

Plug-in Toyota Prius, ready to be published in showrooms in 2012, the electricity can travel up to 62 kmh pure about 13 miles before switching to conventional hybrid Prius, which averages 50 MPG. Zipcar is planning to charge its fleet with two conventional outlets of 110 volts (charging time of three hours) and 220 volt charger (charge time 90 minutes). Customers will be allowed to leave the plug-ins of $ 7 an hour.

Zipcar carsharing launched its first all-electric module in the center of London in 2009 with a converted plug-in hybrid Prius and an electric motor all the Citro├źn C1. That same year, the exchange company testing a converted Prius plug-in in San Francisco.

Zipcar and other car-sharing programs may eventually be the largest early stage of EV technology. It makes sense - people who lend their cars in such short distances, so there are fewer types of anxiety associated with all-electric vehicles. Customers can also be excited about an experimental technique, because it really should not buy anything.In all cases the pilot program Zipcar is an encouraging sign that the plug-ins can quickly clog the city streets in the near future.

In 2012, Volvo Cars will be the first manufacturer to commercialize this new type of hybrid - the result of close cooperation with the Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall. Volvo V60 hybrid features very best qualities of three different types of vehicle, a sport wagon. This includes the driver can drive up to 32 miles on pure electricity.

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