2010 Toyota Prius Concept Hybrid Car

2010 Toyota Prius photo

Toyota announced the all-new car 2010 of hybrid of Prius. Actuated by a four cylinder motor of 1.8 liter with VVT-i offering 98 powers in horses to 5.200 t/mn and 105 deliver-pi of couple with 4.000 t/mn. The synchronous electrical motor 2010 of magnet of Toyota Prius, on the one hand, provides 80 powers in horses of couple of and153 deliver-pi. It comprises an economy of fuel of 50 mpg.

Toyota 2010 Prius offers three driving modes: EV-lead the mode lets lead on only the power of battery to low speeds approximately one thousand, if the conditions leave. There are also a mode of power, which increases the sensitivity to the entry of power control for a more sporting feeling, and a mode of Eco, which helps the driver to carry out their best mileage.

The moment for the limousines of end right exaggerated arriving at the red carpet for the prices of the Academy could be history. The stars of Hollywood arrive in green cars at their welcome of red carpet for the Oscar.

2010 Toyota Prius and the force of the Oscar is really a good mixture. With the observation of the world and the whole hundreds of flashes flickering, the event was large a publicity and promotion of the recommendation of the elites of screen silver plated to be green

All the eyes are on them when the actors and the actresses come from largest at the night rewards for the year. A limousine of gas gulper can certainly exert a negative effect on their image now that the ventilators and the press look at how the stars are ecologically conscious.

Toyota 2010 Prius obtained the attention of the world among stars of the portion of night like shuttle of the elites of Hollywood. Prius can be really considered as tribrid while it can also maximize the powers of the sun while solar panels are assembled on its roof.

The presence of the green car to the Oscar was made possible by associating it with Toyota with Econation. This last is a transport company which has a fleet of limousines, bus, taxis, and cars of city which all are sparing out of fuel. The manufacturer of Japanese car partnered with Econation to offer Prius 2010 to the participants of Oscar.

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