Concept Ferrari 599 GTO By Chris Evans

Ferrari 599 GTO By Chris EvansFerrari 599 GTO Concept By Chris Evans
The site specializes in sports car crash Wrecked Exotics entertaining little damaged copies of Italia Ferrari 458, but so far no case of accidents with more powerful cars in the Ferrari range, the 599 GTO. A copy of the Italian GT great misfortune is a bit difficult to know in the UK.

Chris Evans is a presenter and radio broadcaster in England and is famous for being a car enthusiast, which provides, among other genuine Ferrari 250 GTO. The man had recently bought a 599 GTO to complete the circle, delivered in a beautiful gray color with a yellow band (corresponding to the brake calipers).

Vanessa Feltz is an employee Chris on Radio 2 after work one evening, she began her Mini and accidentally hit the front bumper of the 599 GTO by Chris go. The most surprising is that she acted as if nothing had happened and would be returned home. Fortunately, the damage seems very light.

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