BMW Sport Cars X9 by Khalfi Oussama

BMW X9 Sport Cars Concept

This car is BMW X9 Abstraction Cars, advised by Khalfi Oussama. it could be a angle for a new Batmobile. BMW has apparent some rather odd searching cars cycle off the assembly band over the accomplished 10 years, but Khalfi Oussama’s new X9 off-roader abstraction auto takes camp Beemers to a accomplished new level. This time the artist of the abstraction car is a 18-year-old man alleged Khalfi Tunisian Oussama. With the apprehension that the architecture of the car could alter the car Batman the Dark Knight. Khalfi car architecture alleged the "BMW X9".The BMW X9 Abstraction blends the adventurous bodylines of a Sport Cars auto with the rolling banal of an off-roader – abundant like BMW’s beefy yet sporty-looking X6 soft-roader. The X9s Sport Cars massive auto and badly wide, tyres accumulated with its colour-matched side-steps and able blast plates foreground and rear absolutely advertise the car’s intentions.

But still had differences with the X9 Sport Cars big wheels and body width tires combined with color combinations that match the sides. On the front is deliberately designed for heavy duty and protected with steel plates and the rear of the increasingly sharpening the mission of the X9 Sport Cars goal was made.

BMW Sport Cars X9 Concept by Khalfi Oussama

The X9 Sport Cars coupe also carries a new interpretation of BMW's signature kidney grille, although Oussama's version is considerably smaller than the current flock of BMWs. The grille sit along side a set of unique twin-headlights, as well as a pair of tiny foglights that are set into the bumper.
Hailed as the BMW X9 Sport Cars Concept, Khalfi Oussama, might surely have thought of a modern vehicle for Batman before giving shape to this vehicle. Unfortunately we don’t have all that technical info of the vehicle or what was the inspiration behind.

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