2011 New Motion Camaro with 800 HP

2011 New Motion Camaro

2011 New Motion Camaro2011 Camaro Motion

The Camaro Motion accumulation fabricated annihilation but built-to-order, top application Camaros that were absolutely warranted, dyno tested, and alone accessible at one dealership. The adapted car calendar (powered by 427 and 454 mills) was 5 models strong, appropriately the agog name. Rosen gave his creations SS and Phase III labels.
2011 New Motion Camaro
2011 New Motion Camaro

For 2011, Rosen has accustomed the re-launch of his cast by Redline Motorsports of Schenectady, New York, and DeNooyer Chevrolet from Albany, New York. Together, the brace will abide Rosen's trusted program, except this time, with 2011 Chevrolet Camaros antic LS7 and LSX engines from the GM Performance Parts catalog. And yes, they"ll be referred to as the "Fantastic Five".

Each will be acquainted by Redline buyer Howard Tanner, gets an official Motion VIN, and is included in the Motion Registry. Oh yeah, and none will circuit their rear elastic with beneath than 525 application on tap.

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