Car Crash : Toyota Camry Crash in Utah

Toyota Camry Crash in Utah pics
Toyota Camry Crash in Utah2008 Toyota Camry

A new incident in a 2008 Toyota Camry is concerned about unintended acceleration back. On 5 November, 66-year-old Paul Vanalfen exit of Interstate 80 in Utah, when his vehicle drove through a stop sign and struck a rock embankment and Vanalfen killing his son 38-year-old fiancee Charlene Lloyd at the same time. Vanalfen son and wife were also injured in the accident. Early reports suggest that the Camry continues to accelerate, even as his best Vanalfen did to stop the vehicle. Skid marks at the scene show that this is not a case of pedal misapplication, so the investigators concluded that a malfunction may have caused the incident.

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