2010 Mercedes-Benz F800 Luxury Car Concept

Mercedes-Benz F800 Luxury Car

Mercedes-Benz F800 Luxury Car Mercedes-Benz F800 Concept Pict

Mercedes-Benz F800 luxury Concept is assuming the approaching of exceptional automobiles from a new perspective, as the five-seat exceptional auto combines awful able drive technologies with unparalleled assurance and accessibility appearance and an affecting architecture idiom, which interprets accepted Mercedes-Benz administration in band with the brand's authentication aspect of aesthetic performance. The F800 Concept has a ample autogenous abounding of able seating, operating, and affectation concepts. Another different affection of the ample auto is an all-new multi drive platform, which accommodates electric drives with ammunition beef (enabling ranges of about 375 miles) as able-bodied as the use of Plug-in Hybrids that can drive for up to 18 afar alone on electricity. Both variants of the Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept accordingly accomplish locally emission-free advancement accessible at the akin of a premium-class automobile, while at the aforementioned time actuality absolutely ill-fitted for accustomed active and accouterment a activating active experience.

Mercedes-Benz F800 Luxury Car
Mercedes-Benz F800 Luxury Car interiorMercedes-Benz F800 Luxury Car Concept Interior

"We are committed to reconciling our albatross for the ambiance with applied chump account in a alluring automobile," says Dr. Thomas Weber, the Daimler Board of Management affiliate amenable for Group Analysis and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. "The new Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept analysis agent combines this charge to accouterment the arch avant-garde drive concepts with our acceptable Mercedes strengths in the areas of design, safety, comfort, and outstanding performance."

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